The Castiel Variables - Part 3 - The First Time

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[Part 2]

The first day, and then the first week, went rather well and the middle aged man he had as his closest boss seemed like a sensible man, which Castiel appreciated. His assignments was simple and repetitive, but he didn’t mind that, he actually liked that they stayed the same every day.

A couple of the younger secretaries acted a bit strange around, giggling and kept asking if needed anything. One of them had even come two times to ask him for help to open a bottle of light soda. When he had politely suggested she might want to train up the strength in her hands and also pointed out the negative effect aspartame had on the body, she had blushed and squirmed before rushing away. Cas still didn’t understood why she had reacted like that, he had just given her friendly advice.

He didn’t think much of the odd behaving females, instead he found himself thinking of hazel eyes, soft chuckles and light brown hair that curled gently around neck and ears. Yes, he was having a bit of a hard time getting Mr. Winchester out of his head. That he was crushing on the man was something he yet had to understand, as oblivious to his own emotions as to others.

Castiel had met the lawyer briefly a few times in the halls, but they had never changed more than a few words, mostly because they both had been in a hurry. That was why he was a bit surprised when Mr. Winchester endered his small office on a Thursday afternoon, well it was more evening than afternoon actually. It was in the middle of the tax season, so he had a bit more than usual to do and he might be given quite a lot more to do than what his pay check told him he should be doing.

"Mr. Novak! I’m glad you’re still here, I wanted to talk to you."

Cas looked up from his papers, the frown he had been wearing eased and an almost invisible smile appeared on his lips.

"Mr. Winchester, how can I help you?" I can do anything you want, his mind added and that surprised Cas more than the lawyers sudden presence.

"Since it’s tax season, as I know you’re very well aware of, I was just wondering if you could..uhm… help me with my taxes. I’m not good with numbers and it went all wrong last year." Sam said and straightened his tie.

Castiel blinked a couple of times, just looking at the other man, who was wearing an expression he couldn’t interpret at all.
"Yes, of course, but it has to be outside of the office hours. I can’t neglect my work."

"No, no, I would never demand that either!" the lawyer responded and gave him that bright smile again that made Cas feel all warm and..well.. soft, he guessed, inside."How about tomorrow morning? I can bring some breakfast."

"Oh..I.. I can’t tomorrow morning, I have an appointment." He wasn’t sure if he should tell what kind of appointment he had. Sam didn’t seem like the judgemental person, but he might react on the firm’s way, not his own. Not all places appreciated that their employee went to a therapist on a regular basis.

"I see.. Is it a date with one of the secretaries? Oh, God, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t ask something like that." Samuel blurted out and shoved his hands in his pocket and lowered his gaze.

"A date? No, why would I have a date with any of them?" Castiel asked with genuine confusion.

The lawyers head snapped up and he examined Cas for a moment before replying. “I just assumed, because I’ve noticed how they were flirting with you.”

"Oh, so that is what they have been doing." That actually did explain some thing.

"You didn’t get that, did you?" Sam asked with a small chuckle.

"No, I did not." The accountant felt how his cheeks flushed, feeling a bit stupid for not understanding something as basic as the human search for a mate. Something Mr. Winchester seemed to find amusing, because he could hear him laugh softly. Not in an evil way, like his bullies had in elementary school, but more like he was.. amused.

"How about tomorrow after work?" Sam suggested instead.

Castiel looked up, once again meeting those hazel eyes, that were now glittering in a particular mesmerizing way. “That would suit me just fine.” he replied and smiled a little.

"Good! I’ll leave you to finish your work now."

"Thank you. I’ll see you tomorrow, Mr. Winchester."

"Please, call me Sam." the lawyer replied and ran a hand through his hair.

"Only if you call me Castiel." It wouldn’t be fair otherwise, especially since Mr. Win..Sam was above him in the hierarchy.

"That’s a deal then, Castiel. Goodbye for now."

"Goodbye… Sam."

Sam. The name alone made him smile and he suddenly looked forward to tomorrow very much.

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still a better love story then twilight 

Still a better love story than my love life

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Ok, it seems like I can’t read fanmails (which I tend to send to people sometimes because it doesn’t have the same limits as an ask), but I can’t read the replies because they won’t load for some reason.

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4x01, Lazarus Rising
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"When I would come home from the long day at work, y’know, in Vancouver to an empty apartment, one of the things I do to kind of unwind and relax is I just sit on the couch and pluck my guitar."

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Reasons to love Sam Winchester


  • Hes
  • The
  • Only
  • Character
  • On the show
  • Who not only
  •  takes
  • but also
  • Completely
  • Forgives
  • The
  • Characters
  • Who
  • Don’t


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The Castiel Variables - Part 2 - The Interview

[Part 1]

Castiel was lead into a room that was quite small, but still had a rather large window. The interior was simple and mainly made of metal and glass, except for a framed children’s drawing. The picture didn’t fit the room at all and he couldn’t help staring at it.

"Oh, that’s from my nephew Ben."

"I see."

It seemed to portray four people and a black car. One of them being quite a lot taller than the rest and having slightly longer hair and Cas guess that must be Mr. Winchester. He wondered which of the other adults was the lawyer’s sibling, the male or the female.

"Please, sit down, Mr. Novak." Sam said with a gesture towards the chair in front of his desk, which Cas, of course, obeyed.

"I’ve looked through your resume and the references you faxed us yesterday. I have to say they seem to be excellent and also that you seem to be somewhat overqualified for this job. Because you are aware that the placement is for a junior accountant?"

"Yes, I am aware of that, Mr. Winchester." Castiel didn’t care about his title and not really about his paycheck either. He just wanted to have a job, so he could have some routine.

"Mr. Novak, I have to ask this, but why do you want to leave your current employer? It’s a well known business and you’re higher up in the hierarchy there than what you will be here." The man in front of him closed the file he had been looking through and let his arms rest on the desk, giving Cas a look he didn’t fully understood.

"Uhm… I… I got fired." he heard himself say before he realized that telling the truth about that probably was a really stupid move, but he had never been good at lying. Especially not with Mr. Winchester’s hazel eyes loked at him like that.

"Fired?" Sam echoed and opened the file again, his shoulders looking a little tense. "I can’t see anything about that in your papers, Mr. Novak. Why did you get fired?"

"My boss had got complains about my lack of social skills and..pleasantness." Since he had already begun telling the truth, he could as well continue.

"I see." was the short response he got, but if he saw right, it seemed like the answer had made the lawyer realx a little again.

Castiel looked at the other man as he seemed to think silently. Well, not entirely silent since he was tapping his fingers lightly against the desk. He had beautiful hands with long fingers and they looked strong with soft skin. Cas noticed that Mr. Winchester’s nails was clean, which he liked. Dirty nails could spread a lot of bacterias. And he should not think about that or how beautiful his hands was, he was supposed to think about the job.

"Mr. Winchester. I understand that you’re wondering if it’s worth hire me, but what I lack in social skills, I more than make up for in my abilities as an accountant. I might not be the social kind, but I’m very good with numbers and I always do my best." Castiel got slightly surprised by his own words. He was generally a somewhat shy and silent man, but now he actually spoke up. When Samuel began to chuckle, he wondered if he might have done a mistake anyway. Chuckling from the interviewer couldn’t be a good sign, and he felt how his cheeks flushed somewhat and he cursed his own awkwardness silently in his mind.

"Well, can you start tomorrow?"

Castiel’s eyes snapped up at Mr. Winchester’s, meeting those brilliant eyes once again.
"Of course. Which time?"

"Be here at 8 am."

"Thank you, Mr. Winchester. I won’t disappoint you." cas said, maybe sounding slightly too enthusiastic.

"I don’t think you would either." Sam replied and smiled brightly, a smile that made Castiel’s stomach feel odd in a way it never had before, but he didn’t connect it with the smile. Instead he wondered for a second if he might be getting sick.

He got dragged out of his mind by a new chuckle and he blinked confused at the lawyer. had he done something wrong?

"You can go now if you want to. You will be signing the contract tomorrow."

"Oh, yes, of course. Thank you for your time Mr. Winchester." And with those words, Cas got up, shook Sam’s hand and walked away.

The rest of the day it was hard to think about anything else than soft chuckling, bright dimpled smiles and well-sculpted hands. He wasn’t sure why he couldn’t get it out of his mind, but he was quite sure it wasn’t a good sign to keep thinking about someone that apprently was above you in the business hierarchy. When he went to bed, he hoped he would catcha  glimpse of Mr. Winchester, even though he knew they would work on different floors.

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