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Watch Newly Released News Archive Clips From Early ‘Doctor Who’
A remote-controlled Dalek that sells books?! Just one of the many archived clips that emerged last week:

One of the most delightful discoveries of the past seven days has been the digital archive that British Pathé News has made available for public viewing on YouTube. There’s an astonishing array of footage, serious and silly, and some of it features some familiar faces.
The folks at Feeling Listless have been trawling the archive looking for Doctor Who-related film clips, such as a radio-controlled Dalek bookseller from 1964. Click through to watch.

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my brothers say that if this gets 500,000 notes i get to get out of the cage


goddammit we’re getting you out of hell ourselves 

if we get enough notes we need to take a screen shot and tweet it to the writers.

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Do you realize how awful Sam and Dean look for ignoring Adam’s situation? They exploited their blood connection to try and convince him to help them, and now that the situation is resolved, they are content to just let him rot in The Cage. This makes them giant hypocrites. This undermines everything they preach about loyalty and family and helping people. AND THIS IS THE WRITERS TELLING YOU THEY THINK YOU’RE TOO STUPID TO REALIZE IT.

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im pretty sure it is physically impossible to listen to radioactive by imagine dragons without imagining yourself in a post-apocalyptic city with your hair slowly blowing in the wind as you walk down the deserted street with a gun on your shoulder

I think about something like this:

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Sastiel simple things: Beard


words: 1 226
warnings: NSFW

Sam didn’t notice at first, cause there were those times when Cas didn’t shave his beard, but this time he let it grew a bit more than usual.

Cas was smoothing the bed sheets in their bedroom when Sam settled his hands on his sides and spoke quietly.

‘Cas, is everything okay?’

‘Yeah… it’s perfect’ Cas smiled at him and walked around him to find some clean gear for the pillows.

‘Are you sure? I mean, you sound good indeed just… you haven’t shaved.’ Sam scratched his neck and Cas smirked, not giving Sam a chance to read his mind and expression. 

‘I just tried something new’ Cas smiled faintly but didn’t get the chance to go around the bed when Sam caught his forearms and leaned to look him in the eyes.

‘You know you can tell me anything, Cas, talk to me, please’ Sam couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong.

‘Alright’ Cas sighed and looked him right in the eye his lips curving in mischievous smirk.

Before Sam could ask ‘What?’ Cas’ palms pushed him to sit on the bed and he climbed over his lap, knees on the bed and butt on Sam’s thighs. Sam gasped and wanted to ask ‘What’ again, he almost fell back but held on Cas’ back and one hand probed behind him on the bed.

‘I waited so much for this moment’ Cas voice was almost down to a whisper, so low and gravely that the hair on the back of Sam’s hair stood up and his cock twitched with interest.

‘Wh-what… moment?’ Sam was almost breathless.

‘Patience’ Cas murmured.

His hand slid up Sam’s chest really slowly, the other one behind Sam’s neck, twirling hair around his fingers, tugging slightly so Sam would lift chin up a bit. Then Cas smiled shortly, trying to hold his excitement and leaned closer, breathing on Sam’s parted pink lips. Cas nuzzled nose playfully in Sam’s nose and rested his upper lip on Sam’s bottom one, Cas mouth opening a bit wider. He dragged his thick bottom lip slowly from Sam’s chin up and up to lock his mouth closed around Sam’s bottom lip. And just then Sam realized it – Cas scratched him slowly and teasingly with his beard and when Cas pulled back with a pop noise barely detaching their lips Sam was blinking at him as if Castiel never kissed him before.

‘F-uck’ he barely exclaimed, face flushing pink in a shade Cas haven’t seen since their first kiss.

Cas smiled satisfied by Sam’s reaction and leaned down to repeat it all over. This time Sam hugged his waist and pulled him tighter, dragging hand up and down Cas’ thigh and fuck Cas knew how to kiss slowly and erotically and make Sam all tingle.    

‘Want to try more’ Cas added after a while, Sam whimpering quietly by the lack of Cas’ wet  mouth on his. ‘I want to have a taste of your little pink hole’

Sam almost chocked by those words, his dick getting fully hard. It had been months since Cas tasted him in that way for a first time and he was eager to do it that night.

‘I-i-I’ Sam stuttered.

‘I’ll do better this time I promise. I’ll make you squirm… probably mew with pleasure… hmm?’

The look in Sam’s eyes was a mix of shock and burning arousal. Cas only smiled innocently.

Few minutes later Sam was laying on his belly, thin satin cover over his body, revealing his naked shoulders, outlining every curve and muscle of his body, and especially his round tight butt. He was all flustered and bumped up, waiting for Cas to finally come to him from god knows where he was. Sam jerked slightly when he finally felt Cas’ weight as he climbed on the bed behind him.

‘Hey’ Sam greeted, not moving as he was ordered earlier.

Cas was on all fours right above him, nuzzling nose on the back of Sam’s head and into his hair ‘Smell so nice… it turns me on’ he proceeded planting kisses on Sam’s shoulders, beard scratching lightly, as his cunning fingers tugged slowly on the cover to slid it over Sam’s back leaving it for a moment to his buttcrack.

‘Cas, please’ Sam was already starting to beg, though he knew it won’t help. Cas had his plan already. Cause the beard Sam wasn’t sure if Cas smiled between his shoulder blades, but knowing him, he probably did. His mouth kept going down his spine, making him shudder from the pinch of his sharp beard. Sam rutted against the mattress, his cock throbbing with desire, but only earned from Cas to grasp his hipbone and hold him down.

‘Don’t’ he warned quietly and kept going down. Sam snuggled the pillow tighter and exhaled slowly into it.

Cas was taking his dominant role very seriously. He bit few love bites on Sam’s waist and finally slowly tugged the bed sheet away from Sam’s butt, the tip of his tongue teasing fast at the beginning of Sam’s buttcrack, making him squeeze his lips in a thin line and content a high moan that chocked in the depth of his throat.

‘Lift a bit, love’ Cas ordered with a low voice and Sam obeyed immediately. Cas slid a pillow under his pelvic and let him rest like that, pushing his inner thighs to the side. ‘There it is’ he smiled and made Sam gasp and his body fluster and tense. He didn’t even have time to get shy or embarrassed of Cas’ dark with arousal blue eyes on his tight ring of muscles.

‘Cas’ he gasped out his name with no reason.

‘Here we start, love’ that pet name made Sam shudder violently and rut his cock at the pillow, he felt he could come but he was far yet, and good lord he wanted to cry out for Cas to start it.

Holy shit, the noises Sam made were far from what Cas ever heard from him. Once his tongue licked a wet stripe across his hole, his beard scratching the sensitive skin right around the hole, Sam squirmed and let a noise, mixture of strangled cry and a moan.

Castiel started eating him out with passion and hunger, pinning Sam to the matress by squeezing and spreading his ass cheeks to the sides, burying face in between them and licking, sucking pushing at the tight ring until it gives in and Cas tastes the hot inside, scratching burningly at Sam’s skin. Sam was biting the pillow, tears streaming down his eyes, his cries high and desperate, sometimes Cas’ name could be recognized. So much fire and pleasure was washing him over, he couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t stop beg and mew as Cas forecasted.

It was so fucking long that Sam was shaking with oversensitivity, Cas’ mouth sore, lips swollen, tongue numb, when Sam finally came untouched, shaking violently through his orgasm and keep shaking and sweating after it, face red and burning, breathing heavy.

Holy shit, good lord, crap, damn – and so many tumbled over Sam’s lips when he could finally talk. Cas was all proud of himself, kissing Sam’s mouth making him moan again as he tasted the flesh taste of himself. Cas made him a speechless mess for the rest of the night only by his mouth. 


I completed my very first scratch art last night. Please note that I have no abilities in any other areas of art. But I learned that I am good at scratch art. So even if it’s the only thing I can do, I am still artistically talented. ^-^ I need to go buy some scratch art material now because I have finally found my place in the art world!



Doodle at work of deity!castiel ~

Season 9 finale, in which Castiel and Ezekiel decide to put aside their differences and “fuck this shit, we’ll be at the playground.”